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The Reading Foundation is a unique and exciting place to work. We provide one-to-one remedial and enrichment services to students of all ages in reading, spelling, comprehension, written language, and math in specialized programs created by The Reading Foundation. Our services are offered both in-person and remotely using an online platform (we have strict COVID protocols in place for in-person sessions). More information about us is available at We are currently looking for qualified applicants to work for our Toronto team on a full-time basis, starting at the end of September.  

We are looking for flexible, compassionate and enthusiastic individuals who thrive in a fast-paced working environment, and who are looking for long-term, meaningful employment in a career that makes a real difference to clients of all ages. Students or graduates in the faculties of Linguistics, Psychology, English, Sociology and Education will have the necessary background for these positions. We assess candidates based on their ability to develop rapport with their students, their ability to adapt their teaching style and on their communication skills. We also assess competence in spelling, written language and math. Candidates must possess strong reading and spelling skills. These positions require internal training.

Does this look like the perfect career for you? Send a cover letter and resume to for consideration. Deadline for submissions is: September 22, 2021.

The reading foundation team leader helps a student in a safe hygenie study room during Covid