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We Help Students with Learning Difficulties Across Canada and Worldwide

Improve Your Child’s Learning at The Reading Foundation

For many students, learning difficulties make school a struggle. Difficulties with core math and literacy areas make it hard for them to learn to read and spell, read for meaning, express their thoughts in writing, and understand basic math concepts. Many of these students have tried working with a tutor, yet they continue to experience frustration and learning anxiety. At The Reading Foundation clinics in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto, our programs are based on solid, up-to-date research and designed to help students improve their reading, literacy, comprehension, written language and math skills. Our approach brings strong gains in a short time, helping students improve their skills and build their confidence. We offer many different programs, including virtual learning, one-to-one learning, and early learning.

Reading, Comprehension and Math Enrichment Programs

For those students who just need a little bit of extra assistance to help them reach their potential, we offer personalized math, comprehension, and reading enrichment programs. These programs are designed to enhance and enrich learning. They include the Discover Reading© Fast Track program, the Discover Meaning© Fast Track program, the Discover Math™ program, and the Discover Spelling© program. Through these enrichment programs, we help students strengthen their skills and teach them effective learning techniques. Sometimes, for a child who is already performing at or near grade level, learning the best ways to learn can make all the difference.

What Makes Us Different Than Tutors?

If your child has tried studying with tutors and can’t seem to overcome their learning difficulties, it’s time to try something different. Each member of The Reading Foundation team holds an undergraduate degree (or higher) in a related field. Clinicians are highly trained to provide focused attention and intense remediation to help close the learning gap between the student and his or her peers. From our initial In-Depth Learning Assessment, we are able to determine the amount of time that a student needs to attend for. In order to see gains, students should attend for up to four hours each day in person at the clinic, or two to four hours per day virtually, for 10 to 20 hours per week. This intense, one-to-one, daily immersion delivers outstanding results in a relatively short period of time and greatly improves student’s confidence and self-esteem. Rather than a “skill and drill” approach, we provide sequenced, structured programs, involving direct instruction that’s highly focused.

Find Us in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto

The team members in our clinics are highly trained with extensive experience spanning decades. Whether you’re in Calgary, Vancouver, or Toronto, you can be confident that your child will receive instruction from a kind, caring, and effective team. Success in learning is a necessity for every student, so we provide an intensive instructional approach that allows students to make impressive gains in a short period of time. After we’ve helped a student develop a strong foundation, effective learning habits, and necessary skills, we make every effort to continue to offer learning support, providing follow-up reinforcement strategies for the student, parents, and school, and offering school consultations and visits to help transition the support there. In this way, we help students achieve the outcomes necessary to overcome their learning difficulties in the long-term. Contact us to learn how we can help your child achieve their highest learning potential.

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