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One-to-One Learning Programs

Individualized, Adaptive, Effective

The Reading Foundation’s students receive an experience that is more learning therapy than tutoring thanks to our unique approach and delivery. Unlike traditional tutors, our trained clinicians deliver effective, research-based instruction in specialized programs designed to strengthen the student’s fundamental learning skills when they experience difficulties in reading, spelling, comprehension, writing and math. Our intensive, one-to-one programs are suitable for struggling learners as well as students with learning disabilities. We also provide programming to emerging readers, as well as to students seeking improvement or enrichment of their learning.

The flexibility of both our programs and our business hours allows for students to attend on either an intensive basis—between four and six hours a day, five days a week—or on a part-time basis during, or outside of, school hours. We can adapt classes to fulfill the recommendations of the initial assessment and to suit your schedule.


Discover Reading©

A reading program designed to systematically teach reading and spelling. It is as much a proven effective remediation solution for struggling students as it is an excellent enrichment program for able readers. Discover Reading© is also appropriate for early learners whose parents wish to provide them with a proper foundation in reading.

Three different levels–Beginner, Basic and Advanced–accommodate students of all ages and abilities.

Key Features:

  • Systematically progresses through letter and sound connections
  • Exposes students to various spellings of 40-plus basic English sounds
  • Teaches phonemic processing – segmenting, blending, manipulating sounds
  • Teaches how to apply knowledge to word attack, identification, and spelling
  • Develops fluency and accuracy through context reading and timed reading challenges

little boy using counting tools
Discover Math

Our math program provides instruction for students requiring development or refinement of their understanding of mathematical concepts, arithmetic and their applications.

The program covers all curriculum areas from Grades 1 through 9, following the objectives of the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol’s (WNCP) Common Curriculum Framework, as well as the Ontario Curriculum.

Key Features:

  • Is multisensory in nature and based on unique learning principles
  • Begins with a baseline assessment to determine the student’s needs
  • Uses manipulatives, language, and mental imagery extensively to provide an understanding of all math operations and concepts
  • Covers all content areas in the math curriculum
  • Integrates and applies understanding to problem-solving

team leader working with a student
Discover Meaning©

Creating mental images for information is fundamental to comprehension and communication. The heart of reading is understanding and enjoying what you read. According to dual coding theory, a powerful and well-researched theory of comprehension, the formation of mental images enhances learning by improving comprehension.

Discover Meaning© was designed to strengthen reading comprehension with a systematic and engaging approach based on the theory of dual coding.

In our one-to-one setting, students will practice making and describing mental images for various types of information—from short paragraphs of nonfiction to longer passages such as those they might encounter in their school work.

Key Features:

  • Teaches students dual coding: how to create complete mental images for language concepts
  • Develops higher level comprehension skills: determining the main idea, making inferences, drawing conclusions, predicting and evaluating
  • Introduces basic writing skills: writing complete sentences, answering questions with complete sentences, and writing summaries
  • Develops helpful strategies: note-taking, studying for tests, and listening to lectures

Discover Writing©

For students who seek to more clearly express thoughts through written language, Discover Writing© hones each student’s written language skills while offering them strategies for connecting their mental imagery to their writing. Many students who struggle with the writing process can experience difficulty with mental imagery in the first place. Such students are often enrolled in Discover Writing© in conjunction with, or following, sessions in Discover Meaning©.

The three levels of the program–Beginner, Basic and Advanced–accommodate students from age six to adult.

Key Features:

  • Encourages use of visualization to connect mental imagery to written language
  • Teaches effective writing at all levels: from words, sentences, paragraphs to essays
  • Exposes students to a variety of genres and methods of development
  • Develops grammatical concepts and crucial editing and revision strategies

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