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Our exceptional one-to-one programs are offered online, as well as in-person, to provide additional options in order to assist your family’s unique learning needs.

Our virtual sessions utilize a variety of online tools, including:

  • Video conferencing using Zoom
  • Screen-sharing
  • Virtual white-boards to write on the same screen
  • The ability to interact with your child face-to-face, as well as error handle and model strategies just as we would in person


We are offering the following programs online:



To access this service:

  • Your child must have had an In-Depth Learning Assessment completed, or you must be a current Reading Foundation client.
  • We are able to offer In-Depth Learning Assessments virtually!
  • You must have access to a computer with a functional webcam and microphone. *Tablets and smartphones can also be used, but are not ideal.



The Reading Foundation is committed to providing a sense of consistency, routine and reassurance to your family in their educational journey all while endeavoring to keep the high quality of our programs and services.

Our incredible team will continue to be here for you and your family. If you have not already booked our virtual assessment or sessions, please do not hesitate to call us for further information and schedule availability.

We look forward to supporting you!



“I can’t thank you and your team enough for making this happen. While we are all so focused on the state of our world, I am so grateful to keep a bit of normality for my boys… and to allow them to keep up with their learning.”

Students learning online

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Inspire Your Student to Achieve Their Highest Learning Potential!